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September 2022 - Boeing | 2nd Runner Up

The last bad business recipient on our list is Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company for all your commercial, defense and space exploration needs. Unfortunately, they can also satiate any desire you might have for financial wrongdoing and faulty aircrafts.

Honestly, the whole airline industry isn’t looking too hot right now. With rampant delays, lost luggage woes, abuse of passengers, a pilot shortage and understaffing problems, it’s clear that the entire airline industry needs an overhaul. For their part, Boeing has been criticized for dumping $52.29 million into lobbying efforts; not paying taxes during 2008–2010; laying off 14,862 workers while increasing executive pay by 31%; and getting $100 million+ in tax rebates (even as they made a profit of $9.7 billion).

Boeing recently threatened to cancel all production and distribution of the Boeing 737 MAX 10 aircraft unless they were made exempt from all new safety requirements. These safety requirements came about in 2020 when Congress passed the Aircraft Safety and Certification Reform Act, which requires new and improved safety technology to be installed in the flight deck.

Seems like a good thing, right? Well, Boeing executives are worrying about how much these new safety requirements will cost them. Nevermind the fact that Boeing’s 737 MAX series was responsible for two separate plane crashes, one in 2018 and another in 2019—with each incident killing everyone onboard. Attempting to evade measures that could prevent repeat tragedies in order to provide greater shareholder value is as grotesque as it gets, and makes Boeing an obvious recipient of our second runner-up.

Tired of trying to make your voice heard over the roar of a jet engine? If you want to see your complaints against Boeing take flight, consider registering Boeing.Sucks.

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