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November 2022 - Twitter | 1st Runner Up

Twitter has been a cesspool of hate speech and harassment for years. But somehow, under Elon Musk’s brief tenure as its leader, the social media platform has further declined.

It’s a morbidly impressive feat to take something bad and make it exponentially worse in a short period of time, with slurs and racist memes erupting throughout the social media site soon after Musk took charge. One measure is the exodus of advertisers from the platform.

Musk touts himself as a free speech absolutist, and yet he has already set about banning people with whom he doesn’t agree or keeping people banned with whom he has had issues in the past. And while nobody is clamoring for more Alex Jones content, COVID-19 misinformation spreaders or the Q-Anon lunatic fringe, all of this goes to show Musk was never the rigorous defender of free speech he claimed to be. He’s just another big mouth with a self-serving agenda in a world already overpopulated by such shady characters.

Furthermore, Musk decided to take a page out of the corporate playbook and lay off workers en masse at his shiny new toy company. The move comes as no surprise to those who have been following Musk’s business practices, as he has a history of cutting costs through layoffs. However, what is surprising for the free-speech zealot is that he appears to be targeting Twitter employees who are critical of him and his businesses.

He may be able to ban your account, but he can’t ban Twitter.Sucks. Could that be the new address of a social media revolution, or a hub for exposing the future bad business practices of Musk’s newly private company?

This behavior is unacceptable from any leader, but it\’s especially disappointing coming from someone who is supposed to be a champion of technology and progress—not that Musk has been that for a very, very long time. Is anyone thinking about reactivating their Tumblr account?

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