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Credit Suisse

They’ve gained infamy for failing to prevent money laundering to a known Bulgarian criminal gang, their involvement in the Mozambique…

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Despite their increasingly glaring differences, conservatives and liberals agree on at least one thing: the FBI sucks…

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Twitter has been a cesspool of hate speech and harassment for years. But somehow, under Elon Musk’s brief tenure as its leader…

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It’s long been known that when retail juggernaut Walmart moves to town, competing stores in the area will be driven out of business…

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Just because Facebook (a former Bad Business Awards runner up) changed its name, doesn’t mean the brand can erase or change its reputation…

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This Business Sucks December 2021 – Facebook | 1st Runner Up It’s been a long time since we’ve clicked the like button for Facebook…or whatever it’s calling itself these days. And with so much misinformation across the social media platform, we don’t see that changing anytime soon. Facebook first landed in the hot seat when

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Wells Fargo

This Business Sucks September 2021 – Wells Fargo | 1st Runner Up This is one financial services company you definitely shouldn’t invest in. Don’t believe us? Try asking one of its many disgruntled and overworked employees—or one of its hundreds of duped customers.  Wells Fargo is infamous for once opening millions of fraudulent customer accounts—a

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