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OpenAI, a prominent player in the field of artificial intelligence and language models, has recently attracted attention for its questionable practices, deserving of scrutiny and dishonour as a result.

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While their mission was admirable — democratizing finance for all, not just the wealthy — their execution was rotten…

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High fashion constantly pushes the limits of how we present ourselves to the world. In its ideal form, it’s an often ostentatious art…

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Last quarter’s Bad Business Awards winner received the distinction for hiking up prices and airing transphobic comedy specials…

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Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company for all your commercial, defense and space exploration needs. Unfortunately…

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As the biggest Hollywood powerhouse of our time, you’d hope that Disney would also be a leader in championing social justice…

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Spotify is home to today’s hottest artists, songs and playlists…but also everyone’s least favorite podcaster. So like several…

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This Business Sucks December 2021 – Tesla | 2nd Runner Up Tesla may be a clean energy company, but it’s reputation is muddy—and that’s putting it nicely. Apparently CEO Elon Musk doesn’t think standard industry rules apply to him or his brand. In August 2021, Vice reported that a dedicated Tesla repair shop quoted a customer a whopping

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This Business Sucks September 2021 – Kroger | 2nd Runner Up Mistreating your staff is inexcusable during an ordinary year, let alone one when people are grappling with a global pandemic. If you ask us, Kroger needs to clean up a lot more than its aisles.  We’ve all been dealing with COVID-19 in our own

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