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General Motors

General Motors (GM), a company that has a long history in the automative industry, has managed to secure its place as a controversial figure that’s putting profits ahead of people as of late.

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When Ticketmaster and Live Nation Entertainment merged in 2013, it created a ticket distribution monopoly — something a “free market”…

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These days, the “Grand Old Party” (GOP) conducts itself more like a (bad) business than a governmental body—and this is by design…

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Netflix may have won the early battles, but they’re losing the streaming wars. Recently, they upset their customers by hiking up prices…

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Fox News

Spreading lies and propaganda is something you’d expect from a media outlet in a tinpot dictatorship—not from the most-viewed network…

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The e-commerce giant may promise low prices and fast shipping, but it comes at a huge cost—especially for the employees packing…

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Activision Blizzard

This Business Sucks December 2021 – Activision Blizzard | Winner If Activision Blizzard isn’t careful, it’s going to have more harassment and discrimination lawsuits than game franchises. With new HR initiatives in place, what are the chances its reputation can recover (or should we say respawn)? Where should we start with Activision Blizzard? Member of

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This BusinessSucks September 2021 – McDonald’s | Winner Low nutrition value, low wages and even lower morals—is it any surprise that McDonald’s topped our list of bad businesses? The Golden Arches may not be showing any physical signs of tarnish, but the brand’s reputation sure is.   Founded in 1940, McDonald’s is the youngest company

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